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Powerlak ReaderApp FAQ

Q. What is POWERLAC ReaderApp?
A. POWERLAC ReaderApp is an android App (for android 4.0+) deployed by the department of electricity for fetching meter readings from the consumer meters in Lakshadweep.
Q. What is the scope of POWERLAC ReaderApp?
A. POWERLAC ReaderApp is specifically meant for the LED departnent personnel only. This app is for internal administrative/consumer management functions.
Q. What is the major function of the POWERLAC ReaderApp?
A. The major function of the POWERLAC ReaderApp is to fetch the meter readings from its source (consumer meter) and to record it locally on the mobile app and then to sync the same with the POWERLAK server in batches as and when data connection is available.
Q. Is it available on Google PlayStore?
A. Yes
Q. But if its available in Playstore, it will be accessible to common folk. What security that its not misused by non-deparment personnel?
A. Available in Playstore means its available for download by android devices. Simply by downloading POWERLAC ReaderApp, you cannnot use it. We have incorporated a 3 factor(3F) authentication mechanism on POWERLAC ReaderApp. It requires an authentic user-id and password first. Secondly it can only be operated on a mobile whose IMEI is registered with LED. And lastly it requires for the user to set up an MPIN on first install and to authenticated it on all operations.
Q. Does the POWERLAC ReaderApp allows to record and sync the surprise check readings implemented by LED for securing the self-reading workflow?
A. The POWERLAC ReaderApp beahves differently with surprse check readers and normal meter readers. Surprise check readers will be able to record, sync, manage surprise checkreadings and the normal meter readers will be able to record, sync and manage the normal monthly meter readings.
Q. I have a POWERLAC ReaderApp version shared by the admin with me installed on my mobile. Can I take the future updates from Playstore?
A. No. Playstore allows to update only those APPs which are downloaded from the Playstore. So for you to get the regular updates of POWERLAC ReaderApp, you must uninstall the version received from admin or other sources and to reinstall and configire the App from Playstore. POWERLAC ReaderApp being an internal APP, was circulated thru department channels first as a matter of security. Now security features are thoroughly integrated with POWERLAC ReaderApp and the same is made available in PlayStore. All staff are requested to uninstall the previous version of POWERLAC ReaderApp and reinstall from PlayStore
Q. What are the other facilities available in POWERLAC ReaderApp?
A. Currently the App contains functionalities for recording meter readings, dropping such records if an entry error happened, syncing the readings with the server, deleting the old accumulated data if so desired, exporting the reading data into Excel sheets in the mobile storage (for transmitting if any demand arise), resetting MPIN whenever required etc. are incorporated
In addition, notes of help, dynamic notice board, Do’s, Dont’s and FAQ about POWERLAC ReaderApp are integral features.
Q. Is there any other precautions to be taken care by the users?
A. The recorded data are kept in the local storage named ‘APP cache’ of the POWERLAC ReaderApp. We have provided facilities for auto syncing of data, deleting single record and clean data feature for clearing the history data. But if you go to the general APP setup of your mobile and clear the cache of the POWERLAC ReaderApp it will remove your stored data. So take care.
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