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Consumer Guide

Don't get the wiring works done by unauthorised persons, which is an offence under the Indian Electricity Rules 1956.
Enter all the particulars required in the application form.
Produce proper documents/records to prove the legal ownership of the premises for which electricity supply is required. In case you are a tenant, produce evidence for lawful occupation of the premises.
Get all the wiring work done by licensed electrical contractor.
Use only standard ISI wires and wiring accessories of adequate capacity and of good quality for all the electrical wiring in the premises and also use only effectively earthed three-pin sockets for connecting all the appliances and provide proper earth.
Either deliver the application to the Subdivision / Section Office in person and obtain proper acknowledgement or send it to the section officer by registered post with acknowledgement due.
Pay security deposit and service connection charges before the specified date to avoid cancellation of the application on hearing from LED.
Ensure that the licensed electrical wiring contractor or his authorised representative is present in your premises at the time of effecting supply for testing the installation and signing in the report
Provide space for fixing the meter at a convenient place in the ground floor for easy accessibility to the Assessor for taking meter reading.
In all storeyed buildings, irrespective of the number of floors, provide space for fixing meter, cut -out etc., in the ground floor only.
Connect additional loads which draws more power like Airconditioners, Water-heaters etc. only after informing the authorities concerned. While connecting additional light loads like lights, fans, etc., ensure that the meter capacity is adequate. If the meter capacity is not adequate, contact the Engineer-in-charge for installing higher capacity meter.
Use electricity only for purpose for which the service connection has been given (i.e. domestic).
Safeguard the meter and other equipments of the department in your premises and ensure that, they are properly sealed.
Construct your building with proper clearance from the existing High Tension/Low Tension lines as per the Indian Electricity Rules 1956.(vide rule 79 & 80)
If the building does not have adequate frontage and the line has to go through or over the adjoining premises of other owners arrange for necessary way-leave at your own cost for running the lines.
Get your supply converted from single phase to three phase if the total connected load exceeds 4000 watts.
Observe safety precautions to avoid electrical accidents.
Replace promptly defective electrical fittings and appliances.
Pay electricity consumption bills promptly.
Keep the meter card in the meter board so that the Assessor can make entries in it at the time of his surprise visit to your premises for reading the meter.
If your premises were locked for any reason at the time of visit of the Assessor for meter reading, check up whether the Assessor has left any assessment slip, so that you can pay the electricity consumption charges on the basis of the slip.
Pay the electricity consumption charges at the beginning of the month to avoid rush on the last date.
Study the printed particulars in your meter card.
Check whether the amount as per your actual consumption is tallying with that of computer screen before printing the receipt.  If they do not tally, point out the same to the personal on the billing counter before the receipt is printed.
Produce the meter card / Monthly bill (for Govt. consumers) at the time of making payment at the counter.
If your service connection has been disconnected for non-payment, you may pay the amount due and the reconnection charges and intimate the Engineer-in-charge  and avail reconnection.
If the meter is found to be defective and not running, bring the matter to the notice of the Engineer-in-charge in writing for replacement by a healthy meter.
Get the internal wiring checked up periodically not only to avoid leakage of electricity but also to safeguard the lives of the inmates in the premises.
Don't get the wiring works done by unauthorised persons, which is an offence under the Indian Electricity Rules 1956.
Don't use substandard wires and wiring accessories. Don't install fittings and appliances of poor quality.
Don't give the application before completing the wiring in your premises.
Don't hand over the application to the Board staff; don't send it by ordinary post.
Don't delay to pay the security deposit  charges once the advice for payment is received.
Don't provide space for fixing the meter underneath the staircase or outside the building.
Don't tamper with the lines, meter, cut-outs and other equipments of Department.
Don't construct your building underneath a High Tension or Low-Tension line without proper clearance.
Don't connect additional loads without checking the adequacy of the capacity of the meter.
Don't shift the meter or meter board without proper sanction by the Department.
If you have a tenant in your house, do not charge him for the electricity supply to his portion higher than the tariff rate of the Department.
Cash payment for electricity consumption charges should be made only at the counter during office hours.
Don't commit theft of energy. It is a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code. Besides prosecution for the offence, extra levy will be collected.
Don't commit any of the violations listed below
Supply from a live service connection to a disconnected service connection
Unauthorised supply of energy. For the purpose of this condition, the unauthorised supply of energy shall mean the supply of energy by the consumer to any other person from energy drawn by him from the Department, irrespective of whether supply is charged in any form or not.
Unauthorised extension/shifting to any premises other than that for which supply is given.
Use of electricity for a tariff other than that for which the supply is given.

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