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               Power sector is an infrastructural sector and the availability of power is an important determinant for economic growth of an area. Lakshadweep Electricity Department generates and distributes electricity to consumers round the clock in the entire Lakshadweep Islands.

              Electrification of Lakshadweep Islands was initiated during the second Five Year Plan. Minicoy was the first Island electrified in 1962 followed by Kavaratti Island in 1964, then Amini and Andrott in 1965 and 1966 respectively. Bitra was the last Island electrified in 1982. Initially, power supply was limited to 6 - 12 hours till 1982-83 except in Kavaratti where 24 hours power supply was provided from 1964 itself. Round the clock power supply is provided in all the Islands since 1983.



Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in all Islands 


Internal electrification of Govt. buildings


Implementation of Non Conventional Energy Source Projects


              Starting with modest capacity of 51.6 kilo Watts in 1962 from two Diesel Generating Sets, the Lakshadweep Electricity Department has grown up by leaps and bounds with generating capacity of 18575 KW from 41 Diesel Generating Sets and 12 SPV Power Plants as on 31/08/2012.

              The power generated has been steadily increasing over the years to meet the demand of the people in the Islands. Since, the Diesel Generating sets were the only source of power, diesel has to be transported from Calicut (Kerala) in barrels. These barrels are transported in cargo barges to the Islands and stored for use. To alleviate this problem of transportation, oil storage facilities initially at Kavaratti and Minicoy Islands are under installation. 

              The increase in demand for power in Islands is at 5% per annum. It is in this scenario, that the environment awareness becomes crucial. To reduce the threats of pollution, Electricity Department of Lakshadweep has introduced new methods of power generation to safe guard the beauty of these coral Islands and its people along with fauna and flora.

              It is here that the use of Solar Power – which is clean, eco-friendly and abundantly available, becomes a viable option, starting with a 5 kWp SPV Power Plant at Bitra on an experimental basis, today it reached 2150 kWp.

             All the households in the inhabited Islands have been electrified. New service connections are provided on receipt of request. Transmission lines as well as distribution lines have been converted into U.G. cables in all the Islands.   Electronic Energy meters have been introduced in consumer premises with computerised billing in all the cash collection centres. Self meter reading by consumers themselves is in vogue from 1988 onwards.

           Departmental staff are available in fuse off call centres in all the Islands, 24 hours, 7days a week to respond to service connection complaints / service emergencies.


           Department distributes Solar Lanterns, Improved Chullah, Energy efficient lamps and Pressure Cookers to public at concessional / subsidised rates for conserving costly electrical energy.



Augmentation of Diesel Generating capacity


Augmentation of Distribution System


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